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Don’t you love this card designed by my creative cycling friend, Ann? Have a wonderful weekend everyone. My studio is closed today. I’m taking a few ski runs, decorating my tree and starting my wrapping!

© Ann Howard 2011

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This holiday season I’m getting back to a tradition that I’ve let slide the past few years. If you are one of my tele skiing girlfriends and are reading this – beware! Go no further! If you do, you’ve been forewarned!

I revived my old coffee liqueur recipe and have just finished bottling my own special brand of “Telelua” – a concoction of espresso, vanilla bean, maple syrup and vodka. It’s lovely drizzled over vanilla ice cream. A little nip in cocoa while skiing is nice too!

Part of its deliciousness is attributed to the label. It’s from a linoleum block print that I made years ago for greeting cards, and the same one I used before my Telelua custom lapsed.

If after reading this, you bump into one of my girlfriends on the hill before Christmas, please don’t tell her about the Telelua!


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Sixty eight years ago today…


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Mr. and Mrs. Turkey driving to their Thanksgiving destiny.

I hope your Thanksgiving excursions won’t land you on a silver platter! Safe travels to wherever you may be headed to celebrate! See you next week.

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A little no-cal, no fat, no fuss, fragrance free, vegetarian Thanksgiving humor…


inflatable turkey

Delicious looking inflatable turkey available here


Papercraft Turkey Dinner

Click here for the template to make your own paper turkey…


soft turkey

For the kid’s table. Click here for this turkey recipe …


Via Swissmiss

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Being a velo-head I nearly swooned and fell off my saddle when I saw these festively adorned bicycles on the Sakura Snow blog. No surprise that they are parked outside shop doors in Amsterdam’s Staalstraat shopping area, as the Dutch have a love affair with bikes. (Could that be because it is flat?) I just had to share these with you. Happy Holidays to all!






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I’m a paper hoarder. My desk is stuffed full of bits and pieces of gift-wrap and handmade paper, pretty stationery, 5 cent stamps, vintage postcards and old photographs. Recently while rifling through it for inspiration I came across a packet of vintage Christmas gift labels hiding in a bundle of handwritten notes. I remembered my delight in finding them in an antique shop decades ago. I’ve been saving them all these years for just the perfect “something”. I gently pulled the labels out of their fragile yellowed wax paper envelope and decided to make them into tree ornaments.

This is what I used to make my ornaments

Ornament kit

a. 2 ½” birch bark rounds (harvest only “found” birch bark, don’t peel live trees)

b. Vintage holiday labels

c. 10” lengths of recycled gift ribbon

d. Glitter

e. Sponge brush found at hardware stores

f. Sharpie fine point marker pen

g. Hole punch

h. Scissors

i. Modge Podge water base sealer and glue available at craft stores

j. Elmer’s glue (to apply glitter – not shown in photo)Girl




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