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Photo: Jordan Doner -  Courtesy of Avery Marriott


These vintage Eame’s chairs, wonderfully and imaginatively collaged by artist Phillip Estlund, would be perfect for my studio!

In Estlund’s own words:

“These chairs were realized, rather fortuitously, while working on a series of collages in my West Palm Beach studio. I often work with imagery from field guides and books containing detailed images from nature. As I was organizing cut out images of flowers I laid them out on several surfaces, including on the seat of my Herman Miller, Eames molded fiberglass chair. The otherwise stark surface became immediately activated in a way that I hadn’t considered and after arranging and adhering the flowers to the seat the result was the Bloom Chair.”

At $3,600 each, I’ll have to let them pass, alas!


Sold via: Grey Area


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Design inspiration  - rustic simplicity, rough textures, natural materials and charm are found in the Adirondack mountains…

1-pack basket ©Poppy Gall 2011

2-BlueEnamel ©Poppy Gall 2011

3-fishin'camp ©Poppy Gall 2011

5-guide boat ©Poppy Gall 2011

4-coffee set ©Poppy Gall 2011

6-SunsetCottage ©Poppy Gall 2011

7-rustic siding ©Poppy Gall 2011

8-bath house chair ©Poppy Gall 2011

9-towel ©Poppy Gall 2011

10-palette ©Poppy Gall 2011

11-studio ©Poppy Gall 2011

12-pantry ©Poppy Gall 2011

13-rockers ©Poppy Gall 2011

14-siding ©Poppy Gall 2011

15-©Poppy Gall 2011

16- Bedroom ©Poppy Gall 2011

17-pine cone ©Poppy Gall 2011

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