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Photo: Jordan Doner -  Courtesy of Avery Marriott


These vintage Eame’s chairs, wonderfully and imaginatively collaged by artist Phillip Estlund, would be perfect for my studio!

In Estlund’s own words:

“These chairs were realized, rather fortuitously, while working on a series of collages in my West Palm Beach studio. I often work with imagery from field guides and books containing detailed images from nature. As I was organizing cut out images of flowers I laid them out on several surfaces, including on the seat of my Herman Miller, Eames molded fiberglass chair. The otherwise stark surface became immediately activated in a way that I hadn’t considered and after arranging and adhering the flowers to the seat the result was the Bloom Chair.”

At $3,600 each, I’ll have to let them pass, alas!


Sold via: Grey Area


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I just spent the day playing in a print studio making a glorious mess! Sweaters have been on my mind lately and somehow (surprise, surprise!) they worked their way into my printmaking. Collaging has also been on my mind and my sweater prints seemed like a fun place experiment mixing the two. I rather like the outcome and think they’d make nice greeting cards.

Recently I’ve been thinking it would be fun to start selling blank notecards of my work; start a little business on the side to fund my ski habit. I realize there are billions of cards on the market so I wonder if I’m being realistic? So I’m putting it out there – if these print/collages were cards, would they sell? Why or why not? Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!


Green Button Sweater


Snowflake Sweater


Renaissance Sweater

My folk art prints might also make nice cards…


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