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Thanks for your notes asking where I’ve been lately as my blog posts have been pretty sparce. All is OK, I’ve just been very busy with multiple studio projects, and my day-to-day life. I have more ideas for my blog than I have time to follow up with. I’ve been  jotting them down in a little notebook that I keep on my desk so I won’t  forget them.

The unusually early arrival of spring has me disoriented. I’ve been straddling two seasons – skiing and cycling. On one hand I’ve been hanging onto the snow, and with the other thinking how nice it is to ride in shorts!

Snow will win out as I’m off to the Alps for a ski tour in a couple of weeks. Getting gear together for trips and getting work squared away before departing is always madness. I suspect that I won’t be very regular about posting for the next few weeks! And hopefully you’re off someplace nice for a spring break too!

Above Luxembourger and astounding climber, Charly Gaul climbs a snowbank lined and muddy road at the 1957 Giro d’Italia. He was called “The Angel of the Mountains”.

From: Cycling’s Golden Age; Heros of the Post War Era 1946-1967


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