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Dutch apparel designer Maartje Hoogland has come up with a cycling themed collection she calls “Valsplat”. (I can’t figure out how it translates into English so if anyone does, would you share it here?)

Hoogland’s collection was inspired by the colors of the rainbow jersey, features found on cycling jerseys and the “whole circus” surrounding bike racing.

Her knit dresses are really great, but I feel her cut and sew pieces need a bit more polish and attention to fit. Overall I love the way she’s translated the World Championship rainbow stripes into non-cycling fashion. For more about Maartje Hoogland click here.

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When one imagines carved saddles, images of scroll and acanthus leaf patterns and shiny hardware atop Palominos come to mind. Craftswoman Kara Ginther has envisioned an entirely different kind of saddle. She expresses her design through intricately hand carved Brooks leather bicycle saddles. What a brilliant idea!

According to Ginther’s website her techniques for carving leather seats are quite straight forward. She only uses world renowned Brooks saddles. First she traces her design by hand and then embosses it with an awl into the surface of the saddle. She then carves away super thin slices of the outer layer to achieve a light and dark contrast. Some of her designs are hand colored. The carving doesn’t hamper the integrity of the saddle – it only enhances it.

She welcomes custom designs and her prices depend on the size,  complexity and content of the design.  Text, for example, is much more difficult that an organic pattern and is more expensive. Custom saddles range in price from $99 to $400 – that’s after you provide the saddle. When you’re splurging on a handmade custom titanium and carbon bike, what’s another couple hundred bucks for a really special saddle? Tally-ho!


If you’re not into cycling, she also custom carves Dansko clogs! Visit her etsy store here.

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