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Besides thinking it’s a little scary looking, and that it might be hard to breathe while wearing it, I’m at a loss for words regarding the aesthetic of this 1962 ski mask by Emellio Pucci. What do you think about it?

Enjoy your weekend!

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Note the spare tire laced around the cyclist’s upper torso and the double waterbottle holster on the handlebars in this official 1965 poster for La Vuelta a España stage race. The bulls add a nice Spanish touch. German cyclist Rolf Wolfshohl won the race that year.

The 66th edition of the race begins today in Benidorm, Spain.

Vuelta 1965

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Piles of wooden skis and plaid suitcases waiting on the platform for the departure of Snowball Limited from Union Station in L.A. to Sun Valley in the early 1960’s.

Have a great weekend!

Ski Train

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I’ve always admired this vintage VW Beetle ad that’s framed and hanging in a friend and fellow bug-lover’s home. Maybe because the photo looks like it could have been taken down the road from where I live*. Or perhaps because it reminds me of plowing along Vermont’s snowy back roads in my trusty old orange bug. That car got me everywhere I wanted to go despite nearly being frostbitten when I arrived. The heater was marginal at best!

Here’s to today’s snowfall, school closings and meeting cancellations! I hope you all make it to the mountain (in your modern and warm car) for fresh tracks!

* I just learned from a blog reader that this photo was taken on the Mountain Rd. in Stowe, VT – and actually IS down the road from where I live! Thanks for that tidbit of info!

SnowVWad copy

Pick the right day to test drive a VW and you’ll have the road to yourself.

Back when the weather was good, everybody was inviting you to come in and test drive their new whatevers.

But now that the weather isn’t so good (and a test drive is really a test), the invitations have dropped off sharply.

Now maybe you can spare a little time to try out the new Volkswagen.

Not right this minute. Wait for a nice lousy day. The next time it’s snowing or slushing or something like that, drive down to your VW dealer. (If you can make it in your car.)

He’ll be happy to take you out and sow you how a Volkswagen works when hardly anything else does.

How the weight of the motor on the rear wheels makes the VW dig in and go, in the snow or the mud, or even on ice.

As you pass all the stranded cars that passed their test drives in balmier days, he’ll tell you about the VW’s other cold-weather comforts.

The air-cooled motor. It doesn’t freeze over, so it doesn’t need anti-freeze or a winter thermostat.

And if you have to leave the car out on a cold night, it’s got four coats of paint and a sealed bottom to keep it cozy.

You’ve even got an edge with a Volkswagen if the worst happens and you get stuck. What could be easier to push?


For more VW lore – click to see the Bokja Bug and vintage VW microbus ad.


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As the Snowsports Industries America Show opens in Denver this week to highlight new ski, snowboard and winter sports products and apparel for Winter 2010/11 I thought I’d go back to a time when stretch pants and fuzzy hats were the ultimate in women’s ski apparel.






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