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Winter Road Trip

With the Outdoor Retailer trade show successfully behind me it’s time to hit the open road for a bit of big mountain skiing.

As much as I’d love to be touring in a ’54 beetle with the top down I’ll be relying on an all wheel drive vehicle with studded Hakkspellitas. I’ll be sniffing for powder in the Wasatch, Tetons and Rockies before I head back to my beloved Green Mountains and get on with designing Fall/Winter 2014/15 product. It never hurts to do a little skiing to get the creative juices flowing!

Cover of the ADAC January 1954 (Issue 1, Volume 7) as a teaser for an article “Winterland Allgaeu, between road and slopes”

Via: Huimat

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Thank you all for reading, following and commenting on my blog! Wishing one and all a creative, healthy and snowy new year!

Unfortunately I don’t know the original source of this wonderful image. More vintage VW inspiration here.

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I drove a 1972 orange VW bug just like this one, but I never, ever dressed like this! Enjoy your weekend!

Via: Lawrence Peregrine-Trousers

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Okay, who doesn’t think this looks like fun!? Enjoy your weekend!

via: Where Is The Cool?

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The Volkswagen and Lego camper bus collaboration makes me want to play with Legos again! All this toy is missing is  a bike rack and an espresso maker. At $119 for the kit, it isn’t exactly child’s play. Build it, place it on your desk and dream about a vagabond’s life! The T1 Camper Van is available October 1 thru Lego.


doors open



drivers side



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T.G.I.F.! Out to mow my lawn so that I may fully enjoy my weekend. Thank goodness I don’t have to mow my car too! Have a nice weekend!

Hairy VW Beetle

©Santaro Graphics Ltd.

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The Bokja Bug

The Bokja Bug

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Have a wonderful weekend wherever your wheels take you!


Via: Mexican Fireworks

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I’m just going to keep on a roll with my Volkswagen Bug obsession this week. I think these adorable Japanese erasers are too special to actually use! The wheels roll and the skis pop off! It’s fun to zoom them around my desk for a minute or two when I’m not able to focus on my work! From Iwako.


For more VW lore – click to see the Bokja Bug and vintage VW microbus and Beetle ads.


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I’ve always admired this vintage VW Beetle ad that’s framed and hanging in a friend and fellow bug-lover’s home. Maybe because the photo looks like it could have been taken down the road from where I live*. Or perhaps because it reminds me of plowing along Vermont’s snowy back roads in my trusty old orange bug. That car got me everywhere I wanted to go despite nearly being frostbitten when I arrived. The heater was marginal at best!

Here’s to today’s snowfall, school closings and meeting cancellations! I hope you all make it to the mountain (in your modern and warm car) for fresh tracks!

* I just learned from a blog reader that this photo was taken on the Mountain Rd. in Stowe, VT – and actually IS down the road from where I live! Thanks for that tidbit of info!

SnowVWad copy

Pick the right day to test drive a VW and you’ll have the road to yourself.

Back when the weather was good, everybody was inviting you to come in and test drive their new whatevers.

But now that the weather isn’t so good (and a test drive is really a test), the invitations have dropped off sharply.

Now maybe you can spare a little time to try out the new Volkswagen.

Not right this minute. Wait for a nice lousy day. The next time it’s snowing or slushing or something like that, drive down to your VW dealer. (If you can make it in your car.)

He’ll be happy to take you out and sow you how a Volkswagen works when hardly anything else does.

How the weight of the motor on the rear wheels makes the VW dig in and go, in the snow or the mud, or even on ice.

As you pass all the stranded cars that passed their test drives in balmier days, he’ll tell you about the VW’s other cold-weather comforts.

The air-cooled motor. It doesn’t freeze over, so it doesn’t need anti-freeze or a winter thermostat.

And if you have to leave the car out on a cold night, it’s got four coats of paint and a sealed bottom to keep it cozy.

You’ve even got an edge with a Volkswagen if the worst happens and you get stuck. What could be easier to push?


For more VW lore – click to see the Bokja Bug and vintage VW microbus ad.


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VW Bus

Can your wife bake her own bread?

Can she get a kid’s leg stitched and not phone you at the office until it’s all over?

Find something to talk about when the TV set goes on the blink?

Does she worry about the Bomb?

Make your neighbor’s children wish she were their mother?

Will she say “yes” to a camping trip after 50 straight weeks of cooking?

Let your daughter keep a pet snake in the back yard?

Invite 13 people to dinner even though she only has service for 12?

Name a cat “Rover”?

Order escargots.

Live another year without furniture and take a trip to Europe instead?

Let you give up your job with a smile?

And mean it?


Before the VW microbus became a hippie-mobile it was marketed as a station wagon. The creative ad agency Doyle Dane Bernbach produced funny and honest VW ads in the 60’s. The theme of cool chic, used in the ad campaign, suggested that one had to be courageous and different – desirably different – to drive the bus as a family car.

One ad, “How does it feel to show up in one of these?” showed an elegantly evening-gowned woman emerging gracefully from the front seat of a bus at the Plaza. A woman who drove a VW bus back then recalls, “It made me feel cute as a button and interesting as hell.”

This ad makes me realize that marketing to women (and men) has come a long way since the mid-60’s. The above-mentioned desirable female attributes are the norm in my circle of women friends of the next generation, many who have driven microbuses, lived in teepees, traveled solo and grown their own food. Perhaps their mothers drove microbuses?

Excerpt from Think Small; The Story of Those Volkswagen Ads by Frank Rowsome, Jr.

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Having had a love affair with VW beetles since before I even owned an orange 1972 bug, I was especially smitten when I discovered the ‘’Bokja Bug” on

Bokja Design has taken the iconic Volkswagen and entirely covered it with car stickers and a patchwork of vintage textiles from the Middle East. It was recently exhibited at Spazio Rossana Orlandi during the 2010 Milan Design Week.

The whimsical bug, auctioned on ebay, brought in 1,004 euros which were donated to Fondazione Francesca Rava to benefit the children of Haiti.

Imagine how spectacular it would be if it were a rag top!

velvet01  © designboom

velvet02 © designboom

velvet03 © designboom

velvet04 image © designboom

velvet05 image © designboom

photos: copyright designboom

Click for more textile inspiration or VW bug inspiration.

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