Neckties for Father’s Day

This week while rummaging through my cabinet of sewing patterns I discovered an old Simplicity pattern for neckties. I hadn’t seen or thought of the pattern for decades and it instantly brought back memories of the ties I sewed my dad each year for Father’s Day.

Fabric via Etsy

Somewhat surprisingly, the Vermont town I grew up in had a shop that sold hand-screened Lilly Pulitzer fabric by the yard. As a girl I was crazy about the wild animals, bright colors and bold flowers of Lilly’s designs. Making ties with neon pink tigers for my father seemed as reasonable to me as surprising him with a breakfast-in-bed of cornflakes topped with chocolate ice cream. He adored both!

Happy Father’s Day!


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3 comments on “Neckties for Father’s Day

  1. What a great pattern – this one wasn’t in our mix when growing up. Thanks for sharing, I would like to try making one : 0

  2. I love everything about this post – how sweet – the Lilly tie and ice cream cornflakes! Thanks for sharing such a nice memory.

  3. How well I remember that pattern. And, making ties for my father. Brought tears to my eyes.

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