Color Inspiration – Snow Bunnies

From parades on skis, egg hunts in the snow, crazy ski outfits and sunrise church services at the top of the mountain, for me, Easter and skiing have always gone mitten in hand.  I’ve rarely missed being at my local ski area with friends and family on Easter and this year will be no different.

Bored with the pastel hues of Easter decorations I decided I’d bring out this colorfully saturated 1930’s St. Anton poster depicting Hannes Schneider, the legendary ski instructor who made the “Arlberg” ski technique famous, surrounded by a class of playful snow bunnies.

From: The Art of Skiing by Jenny de Gex

Could it be pure coincidence that bunnies, spotted in a shop window in Salzburg last month by AlpineStyle56, bear a close resemblance in color and silhouette to Schneider’s unruly pupils?

photo: ©AlpineStyle56

Happy Easter everyone!


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3 comments on “Color Inspiration – Snow Bunnies

  1. Lizzie’s avatarLizzie on said:

    It could not possible be just a coincidence! They are all pretty darned cute.

  2. My Oma always put similar bunnies in the window of her delicatessen for Easter. Thanks for reminding me!

  3. Amy Patenaude’s avatarAmy Patenaude on said:

    You can purchase the Hannes Schneider Bunny Poster from the New England Ski Museum’s on-line store! $20 use link above!

    Happy Skiing!

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