Fashion Inspiration – The Rainbow Jersey

Dutch apparel designer Maartje Hoogland has come up with a cycling themed collection she calls “Valsplat”. (I can’t figure out how it translates into English so if anyone does, would you share it here?)

Hoogland’s collection was inspired by the colors of the rainbow jersey, features found on cycling jerseys and the “whole circus” surrounding bike racing.

Her knit dresses are really great, but I feel her cut and sew pieces need a bit more polish and attention to fit. Overall I love the way she’s translated the World Championship rainbow stripes into non-cycling fashion. For more about Maartje Hoogland click here.

More cycling inspired fashion here and here.

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3 comments on “Fashion Inspiration – The Rainbow Jersey

  1. Hi Wendy,
    WOW! This really makes sense and is a great word related to cycling that I’ve never heard used – but know that place that it describes! Thanks so much for taking the time to dig around and share this with us!

  2. Wendy McIntosh’s avatarWendy McIntosh on said:

    I came up with this explanation below, from which I translate into “smooth english” that it is a “false place” on a course, a place that looks easy, but is difficult due to a quality that is not visible at first.

    I guess for the fashion sense it is the false placement of the world cup rainbow….

    Valsplat is a term from the sport, which part of a course is indicated that apparently horizontally – so easy – seems to go fine, but in reality (treacherous) increase or decrease percentage exhibits. It is a form of optical illusion. It belongs to the optical illusion of gravity hills.

  3. “Valsplat” is Swedish and literally means “rolled plate”.  I looked up “bicycle wheel” in Swedish & Dutch to see if “valsplat” was just another word for that, but my Google translator gave me these:
    bicyle wheel in Swedish: cykelhjul. in Dutch: fietswiel
    Thanks to Google Translator!

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