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If you follow my blog regularly you know that I am transfixed by anything with an alpine theme: edelweiss, cowbells, dirndls, snowflakes, schnapps and cuckoo clocks. So when in the midst of my April ski tour in the alps we descended into Zermatt, Switzerland for the night I immediately went out and window shopped. And I do mean “window shop”. Our group had skied from Italy to Zermatt, carrying just what we needed on our backs, staying in mountain huts along the way. Alas, it was impossible for me to fit those amazing hand-stitched pony hide boots with the skier on them, or the equally cool Luis Trenker daisy shoes into my already stuffed pack. But I did get my fix of alpine themed paraphernalia even though I didn’t carry any of it back over the mountains with me!


Dynafit skis – love the edelweiss!

hand screened scarves

Sweet bag

Wouldn’t want to get these dirty

So cool!


Bogner in-the-boot stretch pants with retro photos

So many great textiles

These shoes wouldn’t fit in my pack…

Fantastic packaging

Pillow inspired by paper cut design

Matterhorn shaped chocolates

For more about my alpine adventure click here and here.

For more “Alpine Inspiration” check out my Pinterest board here.

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3 comments on “Alpine Inspiration – Window Shopping

  1. Lizzie’s avatarLizzie on said:

    I’m so in love with those boots that it hurts! I know you must have had a fantastic time!

  2. catherine’s avatarcatherine on said:

    Those boots are awesome!

  3. sally mole’s avatarsally mole on said:

    Poppy, I LOVE those photos! They completely take me back to my year and a half of living in Switzerland! I’ll have to take a photo for you of my Swiss railroad worker’s blouse — i used to ski in during spring skiing in the old days!

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