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I was checking out Terry Bicycles (purveyors of all things bicycle for women) website this week and was happy to see their new Poppy Gall designed Cyclo Bra and Cyclo Brief on the site. Being a cyclist, this was a particularly fun project for me to work on because I could draw on first hand experience.

Terry’s mission was to reinvent the sport bra for cycling. I was given very specific design parameters for both styles. For the Cyclo Bra, strap construction and location, body-mapped wicking areas, smooth chafe free seams, and moderate support were essential design features for comfort and riding performance. Many women ride with their jerseys almost fully unzipped when it’s hot so the bra couldn’t be too revealing, and since bees in the cleavage aren’t much fun, the neckline had to be higher than most bras.

The Cyclo Brief was designed to meet the needs of the woman who isn’t into wearing Lycra shorts, but wants the comfort of a padded liner beneath looser fitting bottoms. Seam placement and inseam length for optimal comfort, and placement of wicking fabrics are integral to the design.

I can’t wait to give them a spin! Please let me know what you think if you try them out. And as Terry founder Georgiana Terry always signs off – “tailwinds”!

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2 comments on “Design Studio Portfolio – Cyclo Bra & Cyclo Brief

  1. Bra looks fantastic and comfy and presentable when changing in a parking lot for a race! I wear lycra shorts so the briefs aren’t for me.

  2. Kathleen’s avatarKathleen on said:

    Thanks for mentioning this; panties are a definite sell for me but the bra doesn’t come in my size…can’t have everything!

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