Skiing Pioneer – Sarah Burke

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On January 19, 2012 Sarah Burke, freeskiing pioneer, six-time X Games gold medalist, role model and inspiration passed away from injuries sustained in a training accident.

Female athletes everywhere owe a debt of gratitude to Sarah’s passionate trailblazing efforts over the last 15 years. As the first competitive female freeskier, she successfully lobbied the Winter X Games to include women in freeskiing events on equal standing. It is because of Sarah’s efforts that female winter athletes are some of the only athletes in the world to receive equal prize purses to that of men.

Sarah brought worldwide recognition and validation to the sport she so loved. Without her efforts, the halfpipe competition for skiers would not be included in the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Sarah is a pioneer of her generation. Her life and legacy embody the true spirit of action sports; a movement of individuals driven to innovate, master and explore the frontier of physical possibility. Sarah’s love of skiing took her life to amazing places.

Her accomplishments on skis continue to inspire girls and women everywhere to believe in themselves and follow their hearts. Her passing is not a cause to pack up our skis, but rather a reason to step-in and ski for Sarah and the dreams that inspired her star to shine.





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4 comments on “Skiing Pioneer – Sarah Burke

  1. Unfortunately athletes like Sarah who push the boundaries of their respective sports sometimes tragically die in the process. It is shocking and sad. I have to believe that Sarah died doing what she loved and what she excelled at. She lobbied for equal rights for women in her sport which was a tremendous accomplishment. She was gutsy and strong, beautiful and confident – a great role model girls everywhere. Perhaps if there are safety measures to be addressed in the halfpipe competition they will be pushed to the forefront because of Sarah’s accident making the sport safer for the next generation on skiers. Sarah’s bright light was snuffed too soon. I’d be curious to hear how others feel.

  2. nat.laurel’s avatarnat.laurel on said:

    Poppy, I feel torn about it. Now thanks to Sarah more young women will have a chance to pass away from injuries sustained from the training accidents… I am not taking it on you. I know that everyone needs the right to exercise their choice, including this, but I really do feel torn. What do you think?

  3. Poppy, thank you for sharing Sarah’s amazing accomplishments so eloquently. She is a beautiful and inspiring woman, who has deeply touched many hearts.

  4. Tristan’s avatarTristan on said:

    Saw this and had to say how much we will miss such a passionate, strong and beautiful person. I didn’t know Sarah but I think we all shared many things she believed in. I think we all knew her love for the mountains and being outside were something that all of us could relate to and know here by. Sarah embodied the very heart and soul of the mountains she called home and this is where we will be able to know here still.


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