A Little About The Design Process

We have a winner! Kathleen from the Fashion Incubator blog (check it out!) won my 2nd Anniversary Thank You & Give-Away. A pair of hand knit mittens from Lost Horizons is on the way to her. The mittens, designed by me, are hand knit in Nepal in a woman’s co-operative and can be found at many natural food co-ops around the country (unfortunately the company doesn’t have a website).

Kathleen writes, “I would like to see more of the design process. The real life side of it that laymen don’t understand or know exists. In sum, the boring paperwork, project management of execution. This would be invaluable to any aspiring designer.”

I received similar comments from other readers. I will do more of this. I’ll just need to think ahead, keep my inspiration boards and take photos as projects progress.

I start working on a design project sometimes up to 18 months before the collection arrives in stores. That’s how long it takes to design, make prototypes (usually 2 rounds), to weave and dye the fabrics or yarns, make salesman samples, take orders from retailers at trade shows, make and ship the item from the factory and then send it on to the retail store – whew!

Alas, I’m not able to show product that isn’t in the market yet. I’ve almost forgotten about the stuff I’ve designed by the time it hits the store floor.

Another of Kathleen’s comments: “By all means, be more commercial. By that I mean, flog the products from your job. Let us know about them.” As soon as I am able, I promise I will post more of my work with links to where you can find it here and on my facebook page.

Thank you everyone for all of your thoughtful comments and for your subscriptions. I really enjoy hearing your thoughts and ideas and you’ve introduced me to all sorts of new things – you keep me going!

This is my concept sketch for the mittens Kathleen won. Sometimes I like to get away from my computer and sketch by hand as I’ve done here. My drawing skills have become sloppy because I use a computer all the time, so spending some time hand sketching keeps me limber.


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3 comments on “A Little About The Design Process

  1. Beautiful mittens!

  2. mark miller’s avatarmark miller on said:

    how fun to open up the Poppy email and find two of my favorite fashion/design bloggers on the same page…I am a regular reader of Fashion Incubator and enjoy Kathleen’s information along with Poppy Gall and here you are both together….perfect cross pollination.


  3. shermane’s avatarshermane on said:

    Very helpful information!

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