Design Studio Portfolio – Title Nine Catalog Cover!

Check these items out at Title Nine!

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11 comments on “Design Studio Portfolio – Title Nine Catalog Cover!

  1. Love seeing your delicious designs on the cover of T9! Those darn tough socks just don’t wear out like others in the heel. So glad you are giving the company such fun designs to choose from!!!

  2. sakurasnow’s avatarsakurasnow on said:

    Great stuff! I love your Darn Tough sock designs.

  3. Nicci P’s avatarNicci P on said:

    That is great for you… I just looked at this catalogue for the first time when my sis brought home for Tday from Colorado. I remember loving the design on those hats….warm wool with the cozy fleece lining. Yumm-O! (I had no idea it was your stuff!)

  4. They’re made in an awesome factory for starters! Depending on the size of the channel the down needs to fit in they either blow it in, or place it by hand!

  5. Kathleen’s avatarKathleen on said:

    Count on me to be contrary but what I want to know is how they stitched those patterned channels AND filled them with down. I have got to see this being done some day.

    but oh yeah, awesome stuff!

  6. Love it!

  7. Kelly M’s avatarKelly M on said:

    I think we have those socks here in town, sweet!

  8. So cool “knowing” the designer of those pieces! Title Nine is the BEST!

  9. Kimberly’s avatarKimberly on said:

    That’s Great!! I love that catalog!!

  10. Day LEE’s avatarDay LEE on said:

    Good going. Poppy!!!

  11. Lynn Mally’s avatarLynn Mally on said:

    Congratulations! I don’t have much need for cold weather clothing here in Southern California, but I have my eye on those hats and socks for my daughter in Chicago.

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