Color Inspiration – How To Make Your Own Color Palettes

People often ask me how I create the color palettes on my blog. Using Photoshop software, I scale a photo that inspires me and then place it into an Adobe Illustrator template that I created for my palettes. The template has an empty box the size of my photo and more empty boxes below for the color swatches. Using the eyedropper tool in Illustrator, I select the colors I like from the photo and fill the little boxes below it with colors.

This works well for me, but it’s not possible for those non-designers without Photoshop or Illustrator or similar software. My friend Judy introduced me to a fun and addicting alternative way of working with color palettes using your own photos called Kuler.

Anyone can sign up and access Kuler on line for free. You pinpoint the colors that you want to highlight in a photo that you have downloaded and voila! they show up in the color bar below it. You can change the colors as many time as you like and then save your palettes to your personal folder or share them. Believe me, you can spend a lot of time playing around with this app! This is what it looks like.

You can also experiment with different analogous, complementary and compound color combinations of your choice as shown below.

Color Scheme Designer is another fun site that also allows you to experiment with various color combinations. It looks like this:

Does anyone have any other interactive color sites that are fun to fool around with? Let me know what you think of these sites.

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3 comments on “Color Inspiration – How To Make Your Own Color Palettes

  1. How NEAT!!! thanks

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  3. Nellie’s avatarNellie on said:

    WOW! I just spent an hour trying Kuler out. Fun! Thanks for introducing me to this tool.

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