2nd Anniversary Thank You & Give Away

Time flies! I’ve been blogging here for almost two years now! My blogging style has evolved into a scrapbook of visual delights with less written observation (perhaps out of laziness or shortness of time on my part). Yet there’s continuity in the things that I am passionate about – color, apparel, the great outdoors, art , textiles, bicycles, winter, knitting and how they all tie back into great design.

Readers often ask how I keep coming up with ideas for my blog. I’ll post some tips that I find helpful soon. Luckily I have more ideas  to blog about than I have time!

Thank you all for tuning in, for your loyalty and for sharing my posts with others! I’ve become less fearful of putting myself out there as the rewards of blogging are much bigger than the sum of its parts. I’ve met new clients and friends, reconnected with old ones, and been inspired by my reader’s comments and emails.

As I launch into my 3nd year of blogging I’d like some feedback. Feel free to answer any of the below questions, or comment as you please.

  • What about my blog engages you?
  • What topics do you find the most interesting and which do you skip over? Should I narrow my focus, or broaden?
  • Should I post more images and less text, or vice versa?
  • Are there subjects you’d like to see more of, or less?
  • Are my color palettes useful? I’d love to know if/how you use them.
  • Do you ever click onto the blogs listed under “Inspiration Found” in the left column? You’ll find great inspiration there!
  • What was your favorite post?
  • How did you find out about my blog?

For all of you who respond to this request for constructive criticism, between now and December 1st, I will pool all your names together and pull one from a hat and send the “winner” a little something designed by me as a Thank You! Enter as many times as you’d like. You may respond in any of these ways:

photo: Inhabit

  • Post a thoughtful comment at the bottom of this post or any post I’ve ever made (your favorite?) by clicking on “comment” underneath the headline. You can sort posts by using the “Categories” links or “Search” box in the left column.
  • Subscribe to my blog via FeedBurner email (see the box on the upper left sidebar)
  • “Like” my Poppy Gall Design Studio facebook page and leave a comment. Feel free to suggest my facebook page to your friends.

Thank you so much for your support! I look forward to hearing from you.


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24 comments on “2nd Anniversary Thank You & Give Away

  1. Jane Oliphant’s avatarJane Oliphant on said:

    I love reading your blog, looking at the images and the colors. It is so cool that you share your creative process with your readers. You are truly and inspiration to me! I read every blog that comes along and it really shows how important and wonderful creativity is in our lives. Thank you!

  2. In response to requests to show more of my work-in-progress … I will consider it moving forward for sure. Unfortunately there’s a bit of a time lag from when I start a project til the time it is in the marketplace – about 18 months! I am bound by confidence to not show my client’s designs until they are in stores… I’m usually so excited to be on to the next season that I forget about the present. That said I will start documenting my processes so I can return to them and share them next year!

  3. I love your blog so much and think of what you do as my sometime future alter ego. You portray nature, knitting, and skiing with exquisite colors and inextricably linked concepts. The beauty your send out, whether it’s hand crafted, natural, or created by skiing is always so special. I really look forward to seeing what is next and it’s always a joy to see.

  4. Hi Poppy,
    I love the palettes, sometimes sharing them with grandchildren, encouraging them to search for the colors as I need to do when they are subtle, as many are. Vintage skiwear is interesting…in fact, vintage almost anything. By far my favorite post was a letter (title had the word ‘Apology’ in it) from one quilter to another, apologizing for insulting a quilt, I believe. I passed this along to several friends and reread it many times.
    Someone mentioned showing more of the design process, and I think this might be a good thing. The palettes show the wide range of colors in what might seem at first monochromatic. Possibly showing lines/designs which inspire you, followed by prototypes and finished pieces. ?? ‘Before-and-after’ pictures are always intriguing.
    Keep inspiring!

  5. Carol Huntington’s avatarCarol Huntington on said:

    Hi Poppy,
    Your blog is a daily inspiration in the world of color and design. I have a love of bicycles and vintage ski posters, and when those appear is some creative fashion in your work it delights me totally.
    Keep inspiring, keep creating, and keep sharing it all with everyone.

  6. pascale’s avatarpascale on said:

    Good Morning Poppy!
    You inspire my mornings with your blog! I love the color palettes, thank you for sharing how to create my own – if I ever so feel incline to! And of course I love all the creative things that you do, I can’t help but wonder where you store all those treasures of yours!
    SNow is coming, hopefully we can create some athletic art together on the mountain or in the woods!
    pascale xx

  7. THANK YOU everyone for your thoughtful comments! You inspire me to keep going and sharing the things that delight me! I will draw a name from the hat Friday (late comers you have a chance to add your 2 cents worth before I do!). For those of you who have asked specific questions here I will address soon! (I’m on a deadline!)

  8. Tracey Cottingham’s avatarTracey Cottingham on said:

    Hi, Poppy,
    I only have positive things to say about your blog and your dedication to it. I love the variety, and how you can move from vegetables to ski motifs and back to fall colors, depending on what you are inspired by. I most love the nostalgic ski and outdoor sport images, including your love of bicycles. During my travels, I am often remembering one of your blogs and say to myself, “Now Poppy would like to see this.” I, too, often open your blog first thing in the morning, when I am savoring my morning tea, the dawn sunlight and the surprises that come with each blog you send out. Don’t change a thing. I do so appreciate you being daring enough to share your intimate design brain with us.
    Happy December in Vermont. I hope to make a visit there this time of year, but through your blog, I can experience it from the green, wet Pacific Northwest.

  9. Ditto on Wende’s December 1 email. I love you being you, and the way you express yourself with color and design. You are a delight.

  10. Poppy! Only 2 years, it feels like many more…your blog is the first email I open in the morning, its a gift. Your words, photos and color swatches give me a jolt of inspiration for the day. I love your color curious mind, as it draws me into my surrounds to see things I might not have noticed before. I am a visual thinker, so enjoy the short and sweet info you share, your fabulous shooting eye and color detection. I enjoy everything you seem to be interested in, so as for topics anything goes for me. I love to be surprised by the way you see design, form and color. Beacause of your blog I see the world around me with greater detail and interest. You inspire me to the core!

  11. I love your photographs and your wonderful explanations–just enough to inspire. I love your color palettes. The colors look so wonderful together, and it is inspiring to see how you pulled the colors out of a lovely image. I particularly love your comparison of Icelandic countryside and their sweater patterns. It is a joy to see such lovely images through your unique point of view. Thank you!

  12. Chess Brownell’s avatarChess Brownell on said:

    Poppy, your blog is a true inspiration in so many ways … your color palettes are a feast for the eye and I now view the outdoor world in the same way, imagining if you were with me, what colors you might see … thank you! Your blog also connects people in a tangible, productive way as evidenced by the great support you received when you asked for foodshelf/product donations earlier this fall.

    I don’t click over to the “inspiration found” category since I feel you do a great job of distilling and curating what you’re doing, seeing and hearing. There are a lot of blogs where people are talking out loud with no distinctive voice. Yours is unique in that I always learn something and for that, I’m most appreciative. Thank you for taking us along for the ride!

    If possible, I think it would be interesting to see a project from start to finish. It was really neat to see the inspiration and then view the final results of “Lacey the Cow”. Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts on color trends or, since you’re so involved in the outdoor market, what trends are you seeing there … would you be willing to share more of your opinions and thoughts?

    Finally, your blog is entertaining to us your readers, but I’m curious if it’s resulted in tangible business results for you. You’ve hooked us, your loyal followers, now is there a way to translate that into business/personal success for you? Would you consider sales of your prints, cards, sweaters/hats? As far as I’m concerned … just say when!

    Thanks Poppy for the cheery postings that always brighten my day.

  13. Jane MacKugler’s avatarJane MacKugler on said:

    Poppy, I love your blog; it’s very inspirational. The color palettes are beautiful and once we get around to painting the inside of our house, I will revisit your palettes. Wonderful stuff. I also enjoy your stories and the inspirational sites you have come across. You have a good eye and very talented, to boot!

  14. Lynn Mally’s avatarLynn Mally on said:

    I found your blog through Fashion Incubator, and it is one I really treasure. I love your photos and color palettes, but most of all I adore your textile designs. Your creativity is inspiring!

  15. Ellen Ecker Ogden’s avatarEllen Ecker Ogden on said:

    Hi Poppy,
    Your blog encourages me to look more closely at the simple beauty of everything around me and the color palates are really cool. I smile at the humor that true creativity inspires. I love your writing style as much as your photos and have been led to discover new websites – which is the sign of a successful blog. I say keep on having fun and do what you love, because your perspective is truly unique and wonderful. And yes, I do check out your archives in case I have missed anything. Loved today’s color palate of fall vegetables and those photos by Kate Sears are a real find!

  16. Lynn Jeffery’s avatarLynn Jeffery on said:

    In short: I love your photos, your ideas, your cultural subjects, your humor…all of it inspires me. Please keep doing it!

  17. Thank you for doing the blog. I really enjoy it. I don’t have much to say in the way of criticism (constructive or otherwise), but will give you what I’ve got.
    I like the timing, for the most part. Since it is not something “timely,” I would rather you post things that you want, rather than because you feel it is expected. And anyone who sends me stuff all the time eventually loses my interest, so I think its fine the way you are doing it.
    I don’t really use the color palettes in any particular way, but often find them surprising and interesting. You see things I miss sometimes, and I love seeing something unexpected. Shapes and colors make me happy, and you often pick very interesting ones.
    I don’t love all your topics equally, but always find them interesting. I loved the one you did about the woman – I don’t remember her name – who was the fashionista motorcycle rider.

    All in all, just keep doing what you are doing. I often recommend your blog to friends who are interested in art/design/fashion. Hope some of them find it as fun as i do

  18. Brenda Goss’s avatarBrenda Goss on said:

    I love your blog! I love not knowing what I will find when I open it up! I’m always amazed at what you come up with. I usually walk away from my computer saying “now, how did she think of that?” I heard of your blog from Pascale.

  19. Kathleen’s avatarKathleen on said:

    I read every post but don’t always comment.

    I found your site via TechSmith.

    I enjoy the palettes very much.

    Content suggestions: I would also like to see more of the design process. The real life side of it that laymen don’t understand or know exists. In sum, the boring paperwork, project management of execution. This would be invaluable to my readers and any aspiring designer.

    Constructive criticism: By all means, be more commercial. By that I mean, flog the products from your job. Let us know about them.

    For example, I didn’t know you had a FB page but I went but I don’t use FB much so I’ll probably miss posts. That’s life. However, because I faithfully read your blog, I feel like I have a connection to you. Because I feel connected, you owe me (ha ha, this is how blog readers feel, for reals). Because I feel I am connected and have the inside track, I would have wanted to know about those sweaters I saw on your FB page (preferably before anyone else) so I could buy one and be the envy of all my friends. Then I’ll post about it because it makes me look cool that I know something before anybody else and my readers will have to buy to be on the inside track of their friends (they read me because they have the inside track with me and I owe them etc). In short, there should be a link over there to stuff you’ve designed with links to where I can buy it. There is so much schlock in the world that finding cool stuff is hard. If you’re a source for it, tell us about it. Frequently (we’re stupid but don’t treat us that way, heh). You give to us and we’re more than happy to give to you. Your core readership is looking for an excuse to give you money so why disappoint us?

    Sure it might alienate a few but are those the readers you want to keep? Do you want someone who’d look at images of beautiful hand knit sweaters in the side bar and say “Poppy is a crass capitalist?” Just leave them to their twigs and burlap.

    Btw, those are my new most favorite sweaters on the entire planet. They will be a perfect match for my socklady socks. Now I know what I want for Christmas (my husband is going to love you). Depending on the cost, I may buy one for my mom, SIL etc.

  20. Calli Guion’s avatarCalli Guion on said:

    Poppy! I love your blog and have often forwarded posts to friends of mine who I know would feel good taking in your colors and ideas. I first heard about you from my friend Wende B, who encouraged me to take a look. I also know of you through my friend Casey B.

    I LOVE the palettes. I am always brought to look deeper at color by seeing what you have pulled out of the image. When I am out in nature, walking, looking into the distance, the palette practice helps me see nuances that would be easy to miss. I can feel color feeding me, like learning to discern spices in a yummy dish- everything becomes richer and more interesting.

    I like your balance of writing and image. I love the images but I like to get a flavor of your thinking or your connection to the images. I get bored with blogs that do not have that personal element and are just images hanging in cyberspace. You give a stimulating but not overly personal context for the images.

    I would not want you to narrow your focus. I enjoy making leaps and see the connections between things- it adds to the personality of the blog for me and keeps me surprised and curious. Too narrow and I might be tempted to think I knew where you were going!

    Thanks for making some of your ideas and connections concrete in this way!

  21. Claudine Campbell’s avatarClaudine Campbell on said:

    Hi Poppy!

    I love your blog! I read every post. I love all the topics, especially knitting and sometimes you have some Airstream stuff. I love the color palettes for a couple of different applications. Mainly, it helps me to sell in colors for product or add colors to a palette. I especially love how you incorporate natural elements in the color palettes. I have a seaweed and sticks thing hanging in my office now! And I adored the fall leaves that you posted a few weeks ago. So beautiful!

    My favorite post was titled “For all my creative friends out there”. It came at the right time and provided support that I didn’t even know I needed!!

    I personally prefer fewer words and more images. I think you should stay within your current topics but could add a few that are relevant. I have clicked under inspiration found and I found your blog after I met you in SLC. Thanks so much for sharing all of your inspiration!!!

    -Claudine Campbell

  22. Knitting Fool’s avatarKnitting Fool on said:

    Your color palettes are great inspiration for my knitting projects! I like the blog links you’ve selected in “Inspiration Found”. It would be great if you could include more knitting blogs :-)

  23. I usually read your facebook posts, which then sometimes bring me to your blog. I’ve shared the bike posts with my boyfriend, an avid cyclist, and some of the other posts with my design friends. I am most attracted to visual images…so keep them coming please. :) It’s less about the topic. I absolutely love the color palettes, and always think I may use one sometime, although I admit I haven’t yet. Yet!
    Some of my favorites are the outdoor, winter, and design inspirations…love the vintage stuff too!

  24. Becky Jewett’s avatarBecky Jewett on said:

    Dear Poppy,
    I love reading your blogs; in fact I race to open them no matter how busy I am. I love to see how you gain inspiration from the world around you, and I love seeing how you put color together to create marvelous and sometimes unexpected color palettes. You have helped me see the world in a different way and bring a heightened sense of creativity to my work.

    You inspire me!


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