Design Inspiration – Vintage Camping

Take a guess at what this vintage camping themed flannel print was used for. The inside of a sleeping bag? Pajamas? The lining of a rugged vintage inspired tweed jacket?  You probably wouldn’t suspect that it is a 1980-something Ralph Lauren skirt that I found in the bottom of my fabric drawer. Perhaps I’ll wear it for fun this Thanksgiving  (with long sweater and a cinched leather belt at the waist and tall boots) and then repurpose it into balsam pillows. Anyone have any clever ideas for how to reuse the fabric?

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4 comments on “Design Inspiration – Vintage Camping

  1. I too love the idea of it as a skirt however, if I were to repurpose this great fabric I would combine it with a great wool tattersall or plaid and perhaps just a touch of suede for a great fall/winter jacket. The wool would have to be in shades of camel/navy/burgundy. I would perhaps use the suede to make toggle buttons.

  2. it makes me think of judy lake and her lampshades… really cool fabric!

  3. kristen toy’s avatarkristen toy on said:

    Simply fantastic! I love this! I love the idea of throw pillow, myself! With a soft fuzzy-esque back and heavy cordage around the edges! However, the skirt sounds fab too :-)

  4. I’m a sucker for vintage fabric with scenes – especially cowboy scenes. You could make a quilt using a block for each scene – intersperse them with plaid or solid?

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