Mini Masi

This “mini Masi” photo caught my eye on Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan, not only because of the edelweiss apron the guy is wearing but because I once owned a Masi Gran Criterium made by the Italian frame building maestro, Faliero Masi. I loved that bike and logged well over 20,000 miles on it. I retired it after I crashed it in a criterium in Washington D.C. It belongs to a woodworker now and is sometimes covered with sawdust.

I don’t know the origins of this picture, whether it is an actual miniature frame with components, perhaps being held by the maestro himself, or just a very clever Photoshop job. I’m not actually even sure it is a Masi since I can’t quite read the lettering on the down tube, My quick google search to learn more left me empty handed. If anyone can shed any light on this photo, please let me know!

Mini Masi

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