For All My Creative Friends Out There

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5 comments on “For All My Creative Friends Out There

  1. This is such a wonderful philosophy! Thanks for posting this. It is hard to get through the dross when you want to do so much better.

  2. Sheila’s avatarSheila on said:

    Thank you. It came at the right moment.

  3. nichelle’s avatarnichelle on said:

    this is so on point. i am going to repost :)

  4. So true! Thank you for sending this, I am going to post it on my desk to keep the mantra in my face. I am really working at finishing a project, putting it away and not critiquing it until the next day. It’s amazing how quickly my perfectionism can destroy a piece and how excited I am to see what I created after waiting 24 hrs. I have yet to destroy a piece…

  5. shermane’s avatarshermane on said:

    Very supportive and inspirational to all of us who are there past there or getting there.

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