Life Inspiration – Think About It!

Good food for thought for a Monday morning!



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5 comments on “Life Inspiration – Think About It!

  1. Betsy, Just add on a sentence or 2! Sleep is an necessary luxury!

  2. Love this. Is there anything about sleeping in there? My eyes are failing me. Could be sleep deprivation.

  3. Pennie Rand’s avatarPennie Rand on said:

    Amen!!!! Thanks for sharing this one Poppy! Will pass this one on to Matt who is currently stressing about keeping his job and which direction it will head next. I keep reminding him that he is at the helm. Perhaps this will reinforce that concept! Sometimes I think we all know what is right, but doing it is another thing. Dare to step out on the limb…..that is where the fruit is!

  4. Dottie Minor’s avatarDottie Minor on said:

    This is wonderful. We all need to review this and take stock of our lives and quit wasting so much time on things and on life paths that are chosen for us and take control of our lives. A few quiet mornings with our maker will help us see the path we are destined to take and grow in.

  5. I love this. Life really is so short, but for some reason we all need constant reminding to live it up and enjoy. It reminds me of a story along those lines that I read in a book called, “The Happiness Project.” A couple had kids who woke up every day very early, and the husband always woke up with them and took them to the park, the bagel shop, whatever, so his wife could sleep. When they’d grown older, he realized how precious that time was with them. The days are long but the years are short! Thank you for sharing….

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