2-Wheeled Inspiration – 6-Pack Holder

This stylish leather bicycle 6-pack holder was originally designed to hold bicycle polo mallets. It’s use seems more universal for toting brewskis (or rakes and shovels or kayak paddles). You can even have one custom made. Click here for more info.

6 pack holder

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2 comments on “2-Wheeled Inspiration – 6-Pack Holder

  1. Kelly M’s avatarKelly M on said:

    Way more classy than the milk crate I have zip tied to the back of my bike!

  2. OMG this is awesome. Just sent this post to my 26 year old son who is going to get a kick out of this great design. A great web site for innovative products is Daily Grommet: folks@em.dailygrommet.com, check it out.

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