Color Inspiration – National Park WPA Posters

Between 1935 and 1943 the WPA’s (Work Progress Administration) Federal Arts Project printed over two million posters in 35,000 different designs to stir the public’s imagination for education, theatre, health, safety and travel. Many of the Posters were for our National Parks. The artists and actual dates of production are unknown. The original posters, distributed to local Chambers of Commerce, were produced for internal marketing only and not for sale.

I love the WPA style and vibrant colors used in the posters. What better time of year to highlight National Parks, than summer? So here are a few posters that inspired me to create color palettes. To learn more about the posters or buy them, click here.

Mt McKinley


General Grant





Crater Lake



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One comment on “Color Inspiration – National Park WPA Posters

  1. Wende’s avatarWende on said:

    These are fabulous!!! Thank you for bringing them to my attention. Love those color palettes too.

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