Design Inspiration – Gypsy Caravans

Wouldn’t it be lovely to leisurely roll along seldom used country roads in a brightly embellished gypsy wagon? A deep crook in a meandering stream, shaded by ancient trees, would make a delightful spot to stop for the evening. I can imagine relaxing by a campfire, sipping coffee steeped in an old tin pot, and being serenaded by fiddle music and thousands of fireflies…

gypsy caravan

©Gipsy Caravan


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photos: Flickr

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2 comments on “Design Inspiration – Gypsy Caravans

  1. rochambeau’s avatarrochambeau on said:

    THank you!! I pinned many. Am planning to build one!!

  2. Wende’s avatarWende on said:

    These are fabulous! Love your photos. I want one down by the river for those hot summer nights or to simply escape in!

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