Color Inspiration – Chromatic Guide To Gear Ratios

I’ve been fascinated by bicycle gear ratio charts since back in the days when racing bikes had only 10 speeds. I enjoy comparing the difference even a single tooth can make in the size of a gear.

The Chromatic Guide To Gear Ratios poster combines my passions for color, good design and gear ratios. Its design abandons the standard grid format and places the chart inside a chainring with spokes radiating from the center. It’s a pleasure to look at – even if you’re not interested in knowing what size gear you’re pushing.

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ratio 3

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2 comments on “Color Inspiration – Chromatic Guide To Gear Ratios

  1. admin’s avataradmin on said:

    OH! Thanks for sharing the link to the Dutch single speed “Omafiets” – it might be heavy, but it is gracefully appealing!

  2. sakurasnow’s avatarsakurasnow on said:

    This is beautiful! My city bike has a single-speed gear (it’s a typical old Dutch ‘Oma fiets‘) and getting up hills can be a struggle (luckily there aren’t too many of those in these parts :), so the complexities of the poster are entirely lost on me… but it’s absolutely lovely to look at! Reminds me of a nautilus shell…

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