Iceland Journal – Ribbons of Snow

After spending three and a half weeks in the land of ice, snow, sagas, volcanoes, hot springs, trolls, sheep, northern lights and endless daylight it’s been a tad difficult to readjust to my day-to-day life. Iceland, surreally shaped by fire and ice, perpetually inspired me with her landscapes, colors and textures. It is truly a place of wonder and I’ll be sharing some of my experiences here.

I spent my first two weeks skiing in the mountains near the Arctic Circle on the Troll Peninsula, and my last week touring around the western fjords with my camera at my fingertips and my eyes and brain on visual overload.

As my traveling companion and I packed our skis in the back of the rental car and leisurely headed back toward Reykjavik, the snow was just beginning to melt from the mountains leaving ribbons of it behind in steep and narrow gullies creating lovely patterns. Waterfalls cascaded thousands of feet from rocky cliffs. After awhile I started seeing Icelandic sweater designs in all the mountains!

©poppy gall 2011

©poppy gall 2011

©poppy gall 2011

©poppy gall 2011

©poppy gall 2011

©poppy gall 2011

©poppy gall 2011

©poppy gall 2011

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8 comments on “Iceland Journal – Ribbons of Snow

  1. Rachel’s avatarRachel on said:

    Wow, I’ve been to Iceland 3 times but never in the winter. This makes me want to just take a winter trip there! It is such an inspiring country and I am so lucky to have spent so much time there.

  2. I particularly love this post comparing the landscape in Iceland to the sweaters! Your photos are so lovely! I have been thinking about this post since I first saw it months ago. In fact, I think I found your blog because of this post–someone linked to it and I found you through that link (sorry, I don’t remember whose blog it was).

  3. Wow these are amazing! Now I know why some sweaters have certain designs like that because they are inspired by the environment in areas like these. I have a sweater with a design similar to the second picture.

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  5. betsy’s avatarbetsy on said:

    Ooo. Love the blog, Poppy. How fun. I spent five hours in the Reykjavik airport once en route to high school exchange trip to Germany. Everyone bought sweaters. Mine looked just like that last pic. Where is it now?

  6. Rebecca’s avatarRebecca on said:

    LOVE the photos! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures in Iceland! Did you see this NYT article today? I made me think of you!

  7. Alex’s avatarAlex on said:

    Wow!!! These pictures are very beautiful. Liked the knitting patterns also. Thanks for this.

  8. Wende’s avatarWende on said:

    Poppy, you and these photos are amazing. I love thinking these snow capped mountains were the inspiration for Icelandic knitting patterns! I now see them in a completely different way. WOW…

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