Studio Closed – Gone Skiing!

I’m Iceland bound today for three weeks of skiing and poking around the island! I’m so looking forward to long creamy untracked runs to the ocean, being in those beautiful treeless mountains, getting into the daily rhythm of climbing and descending, soaking in geothermal hot springs, packing goat cheese and caviar sandwiches for lunch, enjoying almost 24 hours of uninterrupted daylight, laughing around the dinner table and dreaming about designs for new products. For a peak at what the skiing is like in Iceland check out Bergmenn Mountain Guides.

My first day there I plan to visit the Álafoss yarn mill to stock up on scrumptious colored skeins of their famous Lopi knitting yarn. My knitting needles are packed to start a project or two! I’m also excited to check out the many art galleries in Reykjavik before hopping a flight north to the Troll Penninsula. I may, or may not, be blogging during the next few weeks, but I am sure that I will have lots to share here when I return!

By the time I get back to Vermont in May, I hope that the foot of snow that’s piled around my studio will be melted, and that I can put my skis away and start riding my bicycle and gardening!

Photo: Andrés Kolbeinsson

Photo: Andrés Kolbeinsson - Fashion models at Arbaer Museum, 1961


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2 comments on “Studio Closed – Gone Skiing!

  1. sakurasnow’s avatarsakurasnow on said:

    I’ve also been away for a bit (nowhere as exciting as Iceland! :) and am just catching up on my favourite blogs now…
    I hope you’re having a wonderful time, and very much look forward to seeing lots of fascinating pics from your travels when you return!

  2. The Fashionable Traveler’s avatarThe Fashionable Traveler on said:

    Have a wonderful trip

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