Design Inspiration – Recycled Lawnmower

I suppose that when you live on an island there is a greater tendency to use and reuse available materials to fashion new objects than when living on the mainland. This imaginative rolling fire pit that my husband and I encountered at the Whale Cove Campground on Digby Neck, Nova Scotia took first place in the reduce-reuse-recycle-made-us-smile department.

Every campsite had one. Discarded washing machine drums were mounted to old push lawn mower chassis’. It’s actually a pretty ingenious idea as you can roll them around to get out of the wind or to clean up the site. We found it made a terrific windscreen for our high tech stove. Unfortunately we were blasted by torrential rain and wind and didn’t get to enjoy an evening fire before packing up soggy gear and moving on the next morning.



Enjoy your weekend!


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