Design Inspiration – Adirondack Rustic

There’s something very special about “going to camp”, getting away from it all and being unplugged for a while. My family recently gathered on a remote Adirondack lake to celebrate a 60th anniversary.

Our time was spent lazily hanging out on the porch reading and rocking in weathered chairs, sharing lively mealtime conversations at the oilcloth covered table, building terrariums and painting watercolors, singing around the evening campfire, playing competitive scrabble by gas lantern, climbing high peaks for views, messing around in boats, and plunging into the lake.

I am enamored by the rustic charm of Adirondack camps. Buildings made from wood and stone found nearby and simply furnished. Guide boat and foot transport supplies; each item hauled into camp is carefully considered.

Perhaps this simplicity encourages relaxation. There is no electricity to power noisy gadgets, no powerboats on the lake to disturb the loons, and no cell phone reception or wifi to distract. Without technological clutter, time is made for connecting with people, self and nature. I am sure that this particular camp experience has remained unchanged for a hundred years, and I am hopeful that it will remain so for generations to come.

copyright Poppy Gall 2010

copyright Poppy Gall 2010

copyright Poppy Gall 2010

copyright Poppy Gall 2010

Photos: Poppy Gall & Rebecca Lee


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  1. Pamela Cranston’s avatarPamela Cranston on said:

    Fabulous photos! Mine are still being developed. Will send them what I get them.

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