Life Inspiration – How To Be Really Alive!

Summer is racing by, days are shorter and the nights cooler. I’ve been trying (really hard) to slow my pace down a bit, to remember to quit working so much, to BREATHE, and to enjoy this fleeting season with my family and friends.

This hand painted message with a Mexican flavor is a lovely step-by-step guide to living life to it’s fullest. Enjoy.

Via: Quixotic Mama

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One comment on “Life Inspiration – How To Be Really Alive!

  1. With the school year starting, I want this as a poster on my office door for our high school students, especially the seniors who are already totally stressing about course expectations, college admissions and the demands of daily living. Thanks for bringing this lighthearted approach to good living into my day – I will look forward to sharing this perspective with my students! It’s all about finding the beauty and fun in our world!

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