Rainbow Jell-O

Wondering what to prepare for that next potluck? Tired of making your famous tabouleh or pasta salad AGAIN? Consider serving rainbow Jell-O!  Here’s how.



via: Swissmiss


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One comment on “Rainbow Jell-O

  1. caroline marston’s avatarcaroline marston on said:

    Okay, it’s pretty pathetic that I’m FINALLY responding to one of your beautiful blogs, and even more unimpressive that I chose the Rainbow Jell-O post. But as soon as I opened it, a flash of memory hit me…JELLO 1-2-3! Do you remember it?? A 70s and 80s phenomenon in a box — now almost impossible to find — that only required blending and pouring into clear-for-the-full-effect bowls, then waiting for the magic of separation into a jello layer, a moussse-like layer, and a creamy layer on top. Mystifying. Not quite as sentimental as the Frostline Kits memory, but a fun one for sure.

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