60′s Skiwear Fashions

As the Snowsports Industries America Show opens in Denver this week to highlight new ski, snowboard and winter sports products and apparel for Winter 2010/11 I thought I’d go back to a time when stretch pants and fuzzy hats were the ultimate in women’s ski apparel.






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4 comments on “60′s Skiwear Fashions

  1. admin’s avataradmin on said:

    Hi Christian,
    Skiwear (an opening) is the coolest part of the film as the story line is a bit weak!

  2. christian’s avatarchristian on said:

    + watch the 1969 movie Downhill Racer for vintage ski clothes
    so cool!

  3. I am just checking these out – I absolutely love! I wish I was a designer as they provide such great inspiration. I’m hanging on to a Bogner jacket that belonged to my father – its from the 70′s and its a black stretch material with rainbow colored wide piping and a big collar. I love it! How do you access Conde Nast archives??? Fabulous – and I love the woman in the bubble post – simply hypnotic!

  4. SO HOT!!!

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