Antique Nordic Ski Race Poster Contest

I can’t believe this but I won the poster contest for the 4th Annual Vermont Antique Nordic Ski Race on January 10th sponsored by the Vermont Ski Museum. Designing a ski poster was a fun challenge for me as I collect vintage ski posters and postcards. Looking for inspiration I pulled my first pair of cross country skis out of the barn; a pair of wooden Åsnes skis with Troll 3-pin bindings that I bought in 1973. Cross country skiing really first caught on in the U.S. in the 1970’s so I chose to loosely emulate that decade.

I boldly highlighted the classic 3-pin binding, as it is what defines “antique” Nordic skiing. I entered two color stories. For the first I chose a rainbow scheme that was popular on skis, skiwear and sporting goods in the ‘70’s. The round funky letters adds to the overall “retro” feel. This was my favorite version but it didn’t win.


My second choice was the one the jury selected. It’s a less colorful version that is more representational of the actual color of wooden skis and metal bindings.


The race is a 2.5 km classic cross country ski race in which participants must compete using wooden skis with three pin bindings and appropriate boots; vintage clothing is optional. Former Nordic Olympians Bob Gray, Larry Damon and Marc Gilbertson will be racing. The race is at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT.


I’ll try to get some fun photos of the event and post them as I’m sure the Nordic community will be digging around in the back of their closets and barns for appropriate clothing and gear!

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